'Chemistry' is an essential part of science that plays a critical and important role in IIT JEE or other competitive exams. If understands in simple ways, it is a combination of organic and inorganic substances and also mixture of numerous elementary forms of matter. Like Physics, it has been considered as a critical subject of engineering or medical exams. It is a very interesting paper which consists both mathematics and equations. In simple terms, without equations related words, it is unable to get depth concept in Chemistry subject. In this subject, we need to studies about many equations, chemical reactions, biomolecules, chemical structure or other interesting topics that are mentioned in the different chemistry textbooks.

In addition, as a medical or engineering aspirants, if you have good knowledge in Physics or Mathematics and not expertise in Chemistry then it is very difficult to crack IIT JEE or other tough competitive exams. In simple words, a subject like Chemistry plays a greater and major role in IIT and all state engineering as well as medical entrance exams. Without a premier coaching class, many students wouldn't clear IIT JEE, AIEEE or other engineering entrance exams.

➤Mr. R.K. Decosta

Mr. R.K. Decosta, He is an academician who is nurturing students for the preparation of I.I.T Jee and Medical for the Last 15 Years. He has completed has masters in chemistry from Patna University.His Practical way of explaining the complex problems makes chemistry easy for every student.

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